Should You Consider Donating Your Eggs?

Wondering if supplying a donor egg is a wise choice for you? Our Weston, FL OBGYN Dr. Minna Selub at Florida Institute For Reproductive Sciences And Technologies shares a few things to consider in this guide.

You Can Make a Difference 

Children are a blessing that many people cannot have on their own – but they really want to. They spend days and nights wistfully dreaming of holding a newborn, watching them grow, and giving them a lot of love. Unfortunately, without help, those dreams will never become a reality. You can be that help – bringing other people’s dreams to life.

And Get Rewarded for It 

Helping others achieve a dream is a reward in itself, but the reward can actually be even more. You can make a pretty nice chunk of change, and you can do it several times. So whether you need some extra cash to pay your bills, want to go on an incredible vacation, or just want to pad your savings, providing a donor egg can help make it happen.

It Takes Times 

While you'll be compensated, it’s important to understand it’s not an overnight process. Between the screenings, evaluations, matching with parents, medication, and other steps in the process, you are looking at several months. In short, you’ll need to be committed to the process and not expect an overnight payday.

It’s Not Without Risks or Side Effects 

There are a few risks and side effects to consider. The first is that it can be an emotional experience. It might not be as easy as you imagine.

Another risk is getting pregnant yourself during the donation process. The medicine you take causes you to have more eggs, and you will not be on birth control. Therefore, unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy of your own.

Additionally, you can gain weight – usually about five pounds – and may experience bloating, cramping, headaches, and more due to the medications. You might also develop some conditions like Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, though this is very rare.

Not Everyone Can Donate Eggs 

There are various things that can impact the health and fertility of your eggs, including your own general health, whether you’re a smoker, how much you exercise, and your age. If you’re interested in providing a donor egg, it’s best to schedule an appointment with Dr. Selub at Florida Institute For Reproductive Sciences And Technologies to determine if you’re a good candidate early on.

Want to learn more about supplying a donor egg for fertility treatments? Schedule an appointment with our Weston, FL OBGYN Dr. Selub at Florida Institute For Reproductive Sciences And Technologies in Weston, FL by calling (954) 217-3456 today. We are proud to help couples and individuals in Weston, FL as well as South Florida, Orlando, and throughout the rest of the state.

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