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What To Know About Becoming an Egg Donor

Here are some of the most important things to understand about egg donation.

Considering becoming an egg donor? If so, our Weston, South Florida, reproductive specialists Dr. Minna Selub and Dr. Kimball Pomeroy understand that you may have questions about the process. Before deciding whether you’re ready to take the plunge to egg donation, here’s what you should understand about the process first.

Egg Donation Requires a Variety of Screenings

Before someone can become an egg donor, it’s important that you come into our Weston, South Florida practice to undergo an evaluation and screening. There are certain criteria that must be met in order to become an egg donor. This evaluation will involve blood work, an ultrasound to look at your eggs, and also psychological screening. Even where you’ve traveled in the last six months may affect your candidacy.

Ideal Candidates are Between the Ages of 26-32

It’s a big decision to decide to be an egg donor, which is why we think this is a decision that should be considered once a woman reaches her mid or even late 20s. While women under 25 may still choose to donate their eggs, the ideal candidate is a healthy woman between the ages of 26-32 that has regular periods.

We Will Need to Match You to a Recipient

Egg donors often think that they will go through the process as soon as they are approved and the rest is history, when in fact you may need to wait first so that we can match you to a recipient. This is because when it comes to using donated eggs, fresh is preferable to frozen. It’s important that we first match you to a recipient before getting the process of egg donation started.

It Will Take Time

While the egg donation process usually takes about two weeks, and the egg retrieval procedure only takes about 20 minutes, you can expect that the whole process including the screenings to take about six weeks. We need to go through your detailed history that includes everything from your education and medical health to your travel history. We will also need to perform a medical examination, which can take several hours and involves genetic and drug testing, as well as educating the donor on how to administer their own injections at home.

Are you interested in becoming an egg donor here in Weston, South Florida? If so, the team at Florida Institute for Reproductive Sciences and Technologies can help you through every step of the process. To schedule a consultation with us and to get started, call (954) 217-3456 today.

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