Infertility Treatment: FAQs

Wondering if it’s time to talk with our OBGYN about fertility problems? 

While infertility may be the elephant in the room that no one wants to address, it’s a common problem for many men and women. It’s nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed by, and it’s not something that you should have to deal with alone. Our Weston, FL, OBGYN, Dr. Minna Selub, can perform the appropriate test to determine the cause of infertility and discuss what infertility treatment options are available to you. And serving throughout South Florida and the rest of the state, including the Jacksonville and Tampa areas

What is infertility? 

The CDC defines infertility as the inability to get pregnant despite a full year of having unprotected sex. Fertility does decline with age, so infertility for women over 35 means not getting pregnant despite six months (or longer) of trying to conceive naturally.

Is infertility a woman’s issue? 

Infertility isn’t just a problem that affects women; it can also impact men. Both partners must get tested when they come into our practice.

How long should we try to conceive naturally before consulting a doctor? 

Since age is a factor in fertility, women under 35 should schedule a consultation with us if they’ve been trying to get pregnant naturally for over a year or more and haven’t had success. Women 35 years old and over should schedule an appointment if they’ve been trying to conceive naturally for six months.

What can cause infertility? 

It’s essential to determine the root cause of infertility in both men and women so we can help you choose the best treatment option. For women, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common causes of infertility. Uterine fibroids, Congenital abnormalities of the reproductive organs and fallopian tube obstructions can also cause fertility problems. For men, common causes of infertility include testicular or ejaculatory problems, genetic disorders and hormonal problems.

How is infertility treated? 

Two of the most common infertility treatments we offer at our practice are intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in-vitro fertilization. During your evaluation, we can map out a treatment plan that works best for you and your partners based on your unique circumstances. Sometimes fertility drugs are all that’s needed to improve fertility issues. We also offer sperm, egg and embryo donation, and surrogacy.  

Have you been trying to conceive naturally for a year or more? If so, you may wish to schedule an appointment with our Weston, FL, OBGYN Dr. Selub and the Florida Institute for Reproductive Sciences and Technologies team to discuss infertility treatment options. Call (954) 217-3456 today. We are proud to help couples and individuals in Weston, FL as well as South Florida, Orlando, and throughout the rest of the state.

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