How to Talk to Your Partner About IVF

Much of the family planning conversation centers around preventing pregnancy. An unplanned pregnancy changes everything about your life. Any healthy relationship will feature multiple in-depth conversations about the topic. Most couples don't discuss what happens if they can't become pregnant until after it's an issue. That's tragic because to couples who want to become pregnant, being unable to is as emotionally complicated as dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. You and your partner deserve clarity on talking about fertility treatments. Here is how our Weston, FL, OBGYN Dr. Minna Selub at Florida Institute for Reproductive Sciences and Technologies recommends talking to your partner about IVF.

Step 1: Feel Your Feelings

Realizing that you won't become pregnant without intervention is hard for some people. Fertilization issues are rarely anyone's fault or failure, but they can feel like it. If it's clear that you or your partner is struggling with the emotions associated with unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, we encourage you to give them time and support to adjust. If one partner moves into solution mode while the other is still emotionally raw, the whole IVF conversation gets harder than it needs to be.

Step 2: Understand the Procedure

Once you have both processed your emotions, the next step is understanding the IVF procedure. Before you visit us, you'll probably research on your own. That may be how you found this article. The basics of the procedure are this: In vitro fertilization is an alternative fertilization process designed to aid the woman's egg's ability to fertilize and accept the man's sperm. This is achieved first by a medication regimen that helps increase eggs' fertility inside a woman's body. After the medication regimen has been in place for a few months, the eggs are taken out of the woman's body and mixed with the sperm to fertilize them. The fertilized eggs are then injected back into the woman's uterus. Pregnancy occurs if those eggs implant in the uterus's lining.

Step 3: Manage Expectations

IVF dramatically increases the odds of becoming pregnant, but it's not guaranteed. In particular, the fertilization process may not work during the first round. Eggs and sperm can reject each other for any number of reasons. Many couples will require several rounds of treatment before becoming pregnant. For a couple that needed fertilization treatment, the words "we'll try again" can border on traumatic. FIRST promises that Dr. Selub will be candid with you about your chances of successful treatment. You will always know what to expect.

Getting Pregnant

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